Roman Law Network

The Roman Law Network

The Australasian Roman Law Network ( was founded by Eleanor Cowan (University of Sydney), Kit Morrell (University of Queensland), Andrew Pettinger (Associate, Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Sydney) and Michael Sevel (University of Sydney Law school). The Roman Law Network began in 2014. Current membership includes historians, teachers and legal practitioners and theorists. The Network has a broad interest Roman Law. For further information on the Roman Law Network, its meetings and other activities, please contact Eleanor Cowan (

Richard Bauman Reading Group

The Richard Bauman reading group is named in honour of Dick Bauman whose influential readings of Roman criminal law and the imperial laws of maiestas continue to inform and influence modern discussion. The reading group meets in CCANESA (which has zoom capacity). Contact Eleanor Cowan ( for further information.

Martin Stone Collection

The Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia (CCANESA) houses the library and papers of the late Martin Stone. The collection is an invaluable resource for the study of law in the Roman Republic.

Conferences and Activities


ASCS 43 (2022) Panel –  'A Preliminary Survey of Domestic Violence in Imperial Rome'

Domestic Violence in Ancient Rome Roman Law – Workshop and meeting of the Richard Bauman Reading Group
5pm, Wednesday 15th December
Register for the workshop here.
We are excited to announce that the following speakers will be presenting:
      •  Ash Finn (University of Melbourne)
      • Kimberly Harris (University of Sydney)
      • Professor Tom Hillard (Macquarie University)
      • Professor Rebecca Langlands (University of Exeter)
      • A/Professor Sarah Levin- Richardson (University of Washington)
      • Professor Tim Parkin (University of Melbourne)
      • Kirsten Parkin (Cambridge University)
If you have any questions about the workshop, please email Dr Elly Cowan:


ASCS 42 (2021) Panel – 'Law and Lawlessness' (organised by the Roman Law Network)

ASCS 42 (2021) Panel – 'Reform in the Roman Republic' (J. Chan, K. Morrell, T. Rushmer, K. Welch)

February 2020: 'Reform in the Roman Republic' workshop / Richard Bauman Reading Group (organised by K. Morrell, ARC DECRA Project 'Reforming the Roman Republic')

January 2020: ASCS 41 Panel – 'Institutions and Institutional Change in the Roman Republic' (K. Morrell, S. Mubarak, D. Rafferty)

March 2018: Classical Association (UK) Panel – 'The rule of law in ancient Rome' (P. Burgess, E. Cowan, K. Morrell, A. Pettinger)

February 2017: 'A Symposium on the Rule of Law in Ancient Rome', CCANESA, The University of Sydney (Programme)