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J. Chan ‘Roads and Expansionism in the Middle Republic (K. Welch)

K. Harris ‘Violence and the Body Politic in Seneca the Elder’s Controversiae: a Reflection of his Times? (E. Cowan / P. Roche)

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K. Morrell 2014 ‘Pompey, Cato and the governance of the Roman Empire’ (K. Welch / A.M. Stone), now published by OUP. Subsequent positions include a postdoc at the University of Amsterdam, a DECRA at the University of Melbourne, and now a continuing position as the Susan Blake Lecturer at the University of Queensland (


K. Parkin ‘Three’s a Crowd: the Legal Position of Adultery controversiae in Latin Declamation’ (E. Cowan)

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J. Winestock 2020 ‘The Effects of Plunder on Non-Elite Italians, 200-167 BCE’ (J. Tan / K. Welch)

MA (Res)

S. Cohen 2016 ‘Minds without Maps: Space, Directionality and Wayfinding in Mid-Republican Rome’, currently undertaking a PhD program at the University of Michigan (K. Welch / B. Cowan)


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